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Could a Google Chrome extension read my password?

Yes. Chrome extensions can add JavaScript to the page, and this way read and modify anything that is on any web page. Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store are reviewed and scanned by Google for ...
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How can I ensure that sensitive data on a Windows computer is not transmitted externally by any software?

It is fundamentally impossible to be sure that a powered computer can't transmit data. "Turning it off" isn't even guaranteed, since some computers have features that can run when main power ...
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Could a Google Chrome extension read my password?

I tested this with a simple HTML file: <html> <head> <script> const passField = document.getElementById("pass"); passField.addEventListener("...
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How did he find my full real name based on my Steam or FACEIT Profile?

There are various "username search engines" out there that try to find matching information from multiple sites. This allows anyone to quickly combine scattered information into a profile (a ...
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