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Should I let my child's school have access to my kid's personal laptop?

It might just be because I am already "that parent", but it would be a strong NO from me - and the school administration would get a strong talking to about this. I would push to have that policy ...
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Search for military installed backdoors on laptop

If the device left your sight for any amount of time, replace it. It can no longer be trusted. The cost to assure it can still be trusted significantly exceeds the cost of getting a new one There is ...
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How did Google know I looked something up?

Loading that page loads https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/conversion.js https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js?id=GTM-WPPRGM https://stats.g.doubleclick.net/dc.js The reason Google can track ...
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How can mom monitor my internet history from a distance?

Be careful about assuming too much. You say that you know "surefire" that your university is spying on you, but your only evidence is that your mom is computer illiterate and you're "sure some of them ...
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How does DuckDuckGo know my native language even though I am using a VPN in a country with a different language?

One possible explanation is that DuckDuckGo is using the headers that are sent in your request to determine their display. For example, it is very common to use the Accept-Language header to ...
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Can my employer see what I do on the internet when I am connected to the company network?

Yes. Always assume yes. Even if you are not sure, always assume yes. Even if you are sure, they might have a contract with the ISP, a rogue admin who installed a packetlogger, a video camera that ...
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Should I tell my boss I have discovered their passwords and they are too weak?

While there is no doubt that weak passwords are an issue for your company, I would strongly advise against telling your boss about the things that you have done. Your company decided against giving ...
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Should I be worried of tracking domains on a banking website?

It looks like the main site is embedding script from Adobe Marketing Cloud directly into the page. While these scripts are loaded from the same server as the main site it looks like that these scripts ...
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Should I let my child's school have access to my kid's personal laptop?

Needing to install things is kind of the point of needing the laptop, so it makes perfect sense that they want to install Office, AV, and certificates. There are no surprises there. To do that, they ...
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My ISP uses deep packet inspection; what can they observe?

Deep Packet Inspection, also known as complete packet inspection, simply means they are analyzing all of your traffic as opposed to just grabbing connection information such as what IP's you are ...
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How am I ever going to be able to "vet" 120,000+ lines of Composer PHP code not written by me?

You can't vet individual lines of code. You'll just die trying to do that. At some point, you have to trust someone else. In 1984, Ken Thompson, one of the co-inventors of much of Unix, wrote a short ...
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Should I let my child's school have access to my kid's personal laptop?

I wouldn't. You have no real way to tell exactly what they've changed. Some schools are excessively nosy or controlling. And even if the district is being respectful of your privacy, they could have a ...
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If I delete my router's history can my ISP still provide it to my parents?

If I delete my router's history, is it still visible and can my ISP still provide it to my parents? Or is it deleted from existence? Your ISP's record of your network usage isn't in any way affected ...
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Tell browser my site has no scripts

A good option is to harden your Content Security Policy. It allows you to fine-tune which resources the browser will load/run, and is supported by most browsers. Consider the following header: ...
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What to do when using your private key from another computer?

A more secure alternative is to create a new keypair that you use for this purpose. Create the keypair on your boss' computer. Transfer the public key to your own computer. Connect to the server ...
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How does Facebook track your browsing without third party cookies?

Facebook does not need to use third-party cookies to track you as you move from site to site, if the sites contain Facebook's javascript code (e.g. for the Facebook 'like' button). In this case, ...
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Should I reject a CSR when the host emailed me the private key for SSL certificate request?

Yes, you should absolutely reject the CSR. Additionally, you should change your hosting provider as it looks like they don't know what they are doing. It is already bad enough that they sent you the ...
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Is it really safe to use Signal or Telegram on untrusted phone hardware?

The short answer is that if the hardware is compromised, then anything you can read, it can read.
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Hardening Linux desktop machine against people from my household

Use a strong and difficult password for the root user. Secondly, always login and work from another user with no administrative rights (and also a strong password). Enable the BIOS password option. ...
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Do advertisers listen as we talk?

Listening using the microphone is unlikely Listening secretly without consent While listening using the microphone for collecting data would be technically possible, there's a few things against the ...
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Why do people hide their license plates in the EU?

It's a matter of privacy. The thing you definitely determine from the license plate in some countries is the county of the registered car. In small countries some counties have a small number of ...
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Hardening Linux desktop machine against people from my household

I hate to be this guy, but Law 3: If a bad guy has unrestricted physical access to your computer, it’s not your computer anymore. You are asking how to best lock a plywood door. People are ...
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Trying to create safe website where security is handled by the website and not the user

Don't do it If you are targeting unsafe regimes, the consequences can be severe. For example, in Iran, condemned homosexuals are usually sentenced to death by hanging. It would only take the ...
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Is it a security vulnerability if the addresses of university students are exposed?

I am sorry for my lack of knowledge in this matter. You shouldn't be. Is it universally approved practice for universities to expose the name and addresses of students? As pointed out in comments,...
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Are 7-Zip password-protected split archives safe against hackers when they are password-protected a couple of times?

First of all, that multi-encryption scheme is ridiculous. The algorithm used by 7-Zip is AES-256 which is considered secure. But if someone would find a flaw in it which would make it breakable, then ...
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Can phone apps read my clipboard?

Android Prior to Android 10 any app could freely register listeners to receive the clipboard contents whenever they changed. As of Android 10, only the current app with focus and any app set as the ...
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Find IM user location via netstat?

That article is wrong and that website in general seems like a very unreliable source for anything. With the netstat tool, among other stuff, you can see established TCP connections. When you use ...
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How can mom monitor my internet history from a distance?

This sounds like it would mostly likely be some kind of Internet monitoring software (a.k.a legal spyware) installed on your computer when you set it up. Some ISPs provide this kind of service either ...
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How can mom monitor my internet history from a distance?

One possibility that I came across by accident: Google (and possibly other search engines), keep track of what you search for, if you are logged in. Anyone with (access to) your login name and ...
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Closed source binary blobs in chipsets - privacy threat?

Summary: There's probably some BS marketing going on, but on the whole they probably are making the more privacy-respecting laptop they can. Other answers mention other brands of privacy-focused ...
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