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Privacy implications of Intel CPU's secret 3G communication (Anti Theft 3.0)

I would like to address an aspect of this question that hasn't been mentioned yet. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how I interpret this question: I believe the NSA may have backdoored most ...
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Is Google mining the content of emails I send to people who use gmail? Could they?

A group of non-Gmail users attempted to bring a class action lawsuit against Google over this issue in 2014. At the time, Google acknowledged that their systems do in fact collect information on non-...
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What are the security risks of only using an id in the url to protect the content?

Properly done the risk of using such a unique link without additional authentication is low. Properly done means that Only authenticated users are redirected using such a link and only to resources ...
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Can Windows invade my privacy by accessing files from my Linux OS?

If you assume simply generally sloppy/user-unfriendly data access: you're fine. Windows can't do anything (e.g. access flash drives or network data) while it's not running, and doesn't know how to ...
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