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Is a weak appliance behind a reverse proxy affecting the security of the home network?

Assuming that HTTPS basic authentication is properly set up and cannot be bypassed easily, you could still be subject to brute force attacks by bots. A mechanism such as Fail2ban should be used to ...
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Would there be any utility for multiple clients sharing the same TLS session key?

Sharing the same TLS session key among multiple hosts, including proxies, is generally considered a bad idea from a security perspective. Instead of sharing the TLS session key, a better approach is ...
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In general, is URL shortening safe when used with proxy server?

A "proxy" can have different meanings. It might be a reverse proxy protecting a specific site, like a web application firewall or a content delivery network (CDN). A proxy might also be some ...
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Does TLS interception necessarily require a self-signed certificate? Please explain why

In general yes you need your "own" CA (often at an enterprise or organizational level) but there have been a few cases where publicly-trusted CAs improperly issued (intermediate-CA) certs to ...
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Does TLS interception necessarily require a self-signed certificate? Please explain why

Something in the client has to be changed so that it continous to connect even though the proxy does not present a valid certificate. Normally, when the client sets up a TLS connection to Host, it ...
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Logging all traffic crossing SSH proxy

It depends on what you can do on the host, and what you mean by without modifying the deamon. If you mean not recompiling openssh, then ssh-mitm might work for your use-case. Reconfigure sshd to ...
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How to prevent spam attacks from rotating proxies

This is not trivial and there is no solution which works forever. It is a common problem though which basically boils down to detect automated access (bots) for a variety or reasons - scanning, ...
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Edge browser + Docker: proxy settings for Burp Suite

Typically these days with burp, I use the in-built browser, whcih avoids any problems with windows settings, and failing that I'd use firefox which has it's own proxy settings apart from the system. ...
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Can My University See What I Browse On My Laptop?

We have several questions like this already. But let me summarise: they can see the site domains you go to ( but without a certificate, they can't see what you do there the proxy likely ...
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Portswigger SSRF basic lab question

As brynk mentioned in the comments, I checked in the dev tools and saw that indeed it is the client that makes the request, since when you press the check stock button, the js code in the webpage ...
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Can a Reverse Proxy be used instead of port filtering?

My goal is to not show an open port to port scans from the Internet, is this achievable without IP filtering? Based on your question you want your service be visible for these clients but totally ...
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Proxychains fails but foxyproxy works?

The problem appears to be that proxychains sets up the chain as a HTTP CONNECT request, which Squid blocks by default when trying to connect to standard HTTP ports. proxychains does not currently have ...
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Is it possible for a website to detect the presence of a proxy?

Short answer: yes, but not always. In the past, many websites simply relied on IP blacklists, often sold by third parties, which contain lists of IPs known to have been used for malicious purposes. ...
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iCloud Private Relay MITM Defense?

iCloud relay is implemented as a double proxy with "oblivious" encrypted DNS over https according to Apple's Private Relay Overview. When Private Relay is in use, the user’s device opens up ...
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