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bash: how to securely source a script from an environment variable

Environment variables aren't writable by another user, because they are a process variable, not an user variable. So bash have its own variables (set on .profile, .bashrc et al), but every instance of ...
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Can malware override and execute any memory location or it has to be specific?

Both Windows and Linux allow process injection, the difference is that Linux is more strict in checking the permissions. In fact, under Linux, it is equivalent to the PTRACE_ATTACH check, which by ...
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Is this python package safe? I wrongly executed it with admin privileges and would like to know what steps to take to ensure my computer/data is safe

There is a cool tool called loki. It is a IoC scanner (indicator of compromise) that could help you, to determine if you are compromised or not. It is more responsible then a antivirus scanner. I don'...

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