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It seems that someone was just visiting my network and no other device was affected. After having resetted the NAS there are no problems anymore. Obviously I am not using public folders anymore.


If the ransomware has full access of your operating system, nothing can stop it from encrypting your data, including BitLocker-encrypted volumes - the ransomware can simply encrypt the already-encrypted data once again, with its own key this time. In principle, BitLocker cannot protect you from ransomware - on the contrary, it could be abused by ransomware ...


Okay, the issue was in a corrupted filesystem. Whether this is caused by a software or hardware issue I don't know. So when android booted it interpreted a corrupted ext4 data partition wrongly as being partially encrypted. What I did to fix was following this comment on reddit here Quickly summarized: boot into recovery, start adb from a linux system, ...

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