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If there is an update available for your BIOS, then you should absolutely update it. Many vulnerabilities in firmware are found and only fixed through an update of the BIOS itself. Forgoing an update could leave you exposed to known vulnerabilities, including those that could allow malware to persist in the BIOS.


Assuming you want to check the integrity i.e. that the device firmware has not been tampered with after you purchased it: Dump the firmware of the device after you have bought it. This depends on the device. For BIOS chips an SPI reader is usually enough, some harddrives and USB devices use similar chips for storing (parts of) their firmware. SSDs and USB ...


Verifying the absence of something is much harder than verifying the presence of something. This statement holds true in many things, information security included. About your threat model... One central aspect of information security is your threat model, aka. "What are you trying to defend yourself from?" Since you specifically mentioned Vault 6 and ...


You can dump the memory on your running server and do the analysis using volatility. If this server has not rebooted then you might find something interesting such as command history, strange processes, network connection ... using existing modules. I can not go into details because this is a long story and training skills to do this. Actually, people in ...

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