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I gave my cell number to a stranger on the internet. Have I fallen victim to a scam?

Let's go through the process of what actually happened: Telegram requires a cell phone number to be linked in order to create an account. To verify that the number exists, they send out a ...
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This company is telling me that I need a firewall. Do I?

You needn't buy anything from someone who calls you unsolicited and tells you need to buy something from them. In fact, you're generally better off not buying things from people who call you ...
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How could a scammer know the apps on my phone / iTunes account?

It's a game of probability and chances are high that you might have one of the most popular apps in history installed on your device. My guess is that the scammer does not know anything about you. ...
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Are non-English speakers better protected from (international) phishing?

There is a really, really good paper on this here. Tl;dr: 95% of spam is in English In f.ex. Germany only 17% of the spam is in German In Scandinavia it's less than 1% in the local language ...
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I have a scammer's phone number. Now what?

Inform law enforcement. You can't "build a case" because as a layman you likely have no idea about proper police procedure. Most evidence you collect will likely be inadmissible in court. You might ...
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What to do about email threats containing leaked passwords?

This is a known scam. The scammers look up emails and cracked passwords in public leaks of site databases and then send an extortion email to people. The password is already out in the open, sorry. ...
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Sextortion with actual password not found in leaks

While services like HaveIBeenPwned are fairly extensive, there are still many stolen user / password lists that have not been revealed to the public eye. Maybe a company didn't actually disclose what ...
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What is the purpose of hiding spam links in some obscure forum posts?

It could be an attempt to boost the spam sites in search engine results by creating backlinks to it, which is a common SEO technique (although debatable how effective it is, as search engines can ...
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How does this Bitcoin scam work?

I dug into this, cause I also got the Discord message. Felt too good to be true, right? Well, yes, it is too good to be true. I set up a new Browser, with no history in it, made a temporary email and ...
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Apart from losing €40, is there any further risk if someone has my prepaid credit card number and home address?

Call the credit card company! They have procedures for this including blocking your credit card and replacing it. You might even be able to get the 40€ back. There is a lot of articles about this ...
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Can people let me know why this command was ran and why he typed "network hacked....clampi found

If i understand this correctly, you called the 1800 number and gave them remote access to your computer where they opened cmd and ran netstat and typed "hacked... clampi found" What is happening here ...
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This company is telling me that I need a firewall. Do I?

Xander answered the main question, so I'll focus on the unspoken half of your question - namely, the helpful people at! Glancing at their website, I can see: Typos in their ...
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I have a scammer's phone number. Now what?

I call and text my scammer every month or so. I let them know that I finally got the funds available and that I am ready to send them the money. I ask the same, basic questions, over and over. I send ...
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Are non-English speakers better protected from (international) phishing?

In my opinion (this is a subjective question) they are even less protected. If you read a phishing mail in your own language (or any other language that you understand) from someone that claims to be ...
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Apart from losing €40, is there any further risk if someone has my prepaid credit card number and home address?

What additional risks are there? The hacker could attempt to use the credit card number for other purchases The hacker could attempt to use your address and credit card information to impersonate you....
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Almost fell for "tech support" scam - what is the risk?

From your description, there is nothing to worry about. The victim just shared the screen with the attacker without giving the attacker control or giving the attacker any information. As the victim ...
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What is the purpose of hiding spam links in some obscure forum posts?

It's all about search engine reputation, as discussed. However, it's not going to work on your site. Because you are a conscientious forum operator, so of course you add the meta tag "rel=...
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Unauthorized domain comes up as my website

I don't think they are actually redirecting to your site. If it was a true redirect, then the phone number couldn't be different. My guess is your website was scraped and copied to another site. They ...
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Unauthorized domain comes up as my website

I think this guy is wig-freak, LOL, no for real I'm almost sure that this guy doesn't know what he is doing. I can see that actually he is just mirroring existing wig-websites and changing some of the ...
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Why do scammers use victims' computers to remote-control their own computers?

TeamViewer has noticed that scammers often come from India (or other places where scams often originate), and so when you get an incoming connection from India TeamViewer will give you a warning ...
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Are non-English speakers better protected from (international) phishing?

I'd say that is true, but only to the extent that it filters out people who don't know the language the email was written in at all (completely unintelligible). The truth of the matter is if it was ...
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Why is this website verified by Symantec if it's known for scam & theft?

Symantec is verifying only that the website is who they say they are. They make no judgements based on whether or not the owners of the website are running a legitimate service or not. CAs are not ...
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I gave my cell number to a stranger on the internet. Have I fallen victim to a scam?

It could easily have led to a scam. The request was to get access to Telegram using your phone number. Works just like Whatsaap, when you register, you enter your number and a code is sent to your ...
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Scam link in "from"-links on my blog traffic

This is known as Referer spam, here is short description from Wikipedia: Referrer spam (also known as referral spam, log spam or referrer bombing) is a kind of spamdexing (spamming aimed at search ...
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I entered my password in a possible scam website. What should I do?

You should change the password at all the places where you have used it. Some Additional tips: Use a password manager. Use two factor authentication in every possible places. Never reuse passwords.
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Hacker used my account to place an order, but not my credit card. Why?

This is my first time hearing about this kind of "scam", so I am guessing, but I'm pretty sure I can tell you the answer. The key detail is here: Order confirmation (about $1000 worth of power ...
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What is the point of an attack using spam without any URL or attached file

It's a Nigerian email scam (as @Sravan commented). If you contact that email the scammer will promise you a lot of money and ask for a small fee for document copies, then a little more for document ...
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Is this a scam? If yes, how does it work?

I think this is a very novel way to send spam. The gmail account listed basically has set some ad text as their display name and you as the backup email. This can be done very quickly via APIs and ...'s user avatar
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Sent text by bank I don’t have an account with- Is this a scam?

It's a scam. You don't have an account there, so why would they have your email or phone number? And why host a business critical process on a no-domain address without even using HTTPS? And calling ...
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Do you need to hire a professional in order to be pci compliant?

If you handle credit card numbers, then yes, you have to be certified by a qualified auditor and this certification requires you hiring an external/independent PCI qualified security assessor. ...
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