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The simplest solution is to use mutually authenticated TLS. This will only authenticate the communicating parties.


As for the infinity loop scenario you can actually: Limit the resources granted per container. Assign the maximum execution time allowed. Optionally kill the container if someone uses 100% of assigned resources for too long (you should monitor the use of assigned processing time). You can monitor the prcesses in the deployed containers for any strange ...


Why is it so crucially important to a lot of people to have "occasional convenience" ... There is no 100% security. Security has its costs, which is not only the costs of buying some products but also to invest the time to secure everything, to make sure that no strange interactions happen, to gain the knowledge to do all of this etc. On top of ...


It depends on how the parsing and conversion software works. Although markdown is mostly text, one can insert html code into markdown. By markdown standards, a markdown parser usually can support the rendering html code. Basically, if the e-mail has html code in plain text, the markdown converter may copy that text into markdown directly (with no ...

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