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Use CAPTCHA and/or telephone number verification (SMS OTP). It was perfectly okay to ban known disposable email providers. However, there exist(ed) services that ran on stealthier domains (coming out: I ran one of those). Free email providers offer email addresses for free, upon simply a registration. They may require a CAPTCHA to prevent automation. CAPTCHA,...


Total S C A M This one is well put together. The address Looks real. But it is a scam. Many people fall for these scams. Good job in pulling back in time.


An absence of SPF isn't supposed to hurt you, but some anti-spam systems are set up to be rather aggressive and I'd worry about your luck given a system using a best-guess record (v=spf1 a/24 mx/24 ptr ?all) and then penalyzing a netural result (I don't know how common that is). Side note: PTR in SPF is extremely ill advised (it lets any network owner forge ...

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