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Yes, this is possible e.g. with the LOAD_FILE() function available in both MySQL and MariaDB. However, the statement on both sides of the UNION must return the same amount of columns. If there are e.g. four columns before the UNION you could use something like: ' UNION SELECT 1, load_file('../../'), 3, 4' --


SQL Injection can lead to Remote Code Execution in some scenarios. As you can see in this article, it is possible to read files from the Operating System, that are "outside the database". Tools like sqlmap can help an attacker spawn reverse shells while performing a similar attack. Once an attacker has a shell, depending on the permissions of the ...


Here's a code that shouldn't throw an error no matter what the database contains : SELECT 'foo' AS bar If it return something like : bar foo it means that the website/app is probably "SQL injectable"


This is less a question about SQL Injection itself, and more about this particular ML based implementation. I had to look at the code to understand better what the author tried to say with this example. To the best of my understanding, this is actually a very poor example, let's remember this is a tool supposed to execute SQLi attacks, not to just run ...


use --flush-session sample: sqlmap --flush-session -u ....

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