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I am still receiving ssh-bruteforce on my VPS

I don't think your configuration is working as you think it should. It is always strongly advised to test your setup from a non-whitelisted IP address. Your output says: services: dhcpv6-client ssh ...
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How can ssh-keygen be used to update /etc/ssh/moduli?

I intend to do the following for my RHEL 7 system: ssh-keygen -G candidates -b 2048 ssh-keygen -T moduli -f candidates sudo cp candidates /etc/ssh/moduli NO! The output from -T is moduli; that is the ...
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Can my ISP know that I am using Tor if I am connecting to Tor via an SSH SOCKS5 proxy?

No, your ISP cannot tell you are using Tor. Your ISP probably can tell you are using SSH as a proxy, but they have no way to identify what you are connecting on the other side of the proxy. They ...
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