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The interesting badusb attacks all involve custom hardware. If you know that it is your USB drive just formatting it should be sufficient.


A computer virus is just a file, is not something that will be magically activated by itself and wreak havoc around. You can treat it just like a normal file: delete it and it's gone. If you uninstall the AV, some will empty the quarantine directory, some not. In the event of the AV not clearing the quarantine, you will end up with a folder containing the ...


Although a lot depends on the anti-virus software, I'll try to answer your questions: 1) What is the best practice and secure way to deal with them? Delete from quarantine, or let them in there? Do you plan to study the virus and its working? If yes, then you might want to keep it (This will require a restore of the file). Do you think it might be a ...

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