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Volatility.exe suggests two profiles for XP memory dump. Which one should I use?

You should try both! If memory addresses and PID's appear with question marks around them, you should probably switch to the other profile. The problem is volatility can recognize that it's a ...
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Volatility Forensics with Large dumps

Have you looked at rekall? It is a fork of volatility, while I have had better luck with volatility it might be faster for the initial analysis
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Can malware detect memory dumping?

Malware with sufficient access can do anything. Including adjusting your memory dump to “skip” its memory… or give. A different memory. As they say, as soon as it’s in…. All bets are off.
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How to extract a .bat file with volatility

The dump of the main memory (RAM) would only contain details about files that are in RAM, like those that are currently running. An NTFS system uses MFT to manage secondary storage, which is likely ...
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Are TPM PCRs volatile, non-volatile, or both?

The PCR's used for platform measurements in TPM are volatile. If you are looking for non-volatile memory with similar functionality to PCR's check for NV storage in TPM. They can be configured to work ...
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Is there any difference between hiberfile.sys file and RAM dump made with 3rd party software for

When entering hibernation: Apps and services are notified Drivers are notified User and system state is saved to disk in a compressed format Firmware is notified (Per Microsoft's documenation on ...
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