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How can there be incoming connections when using a VPN?

Are you sure nothing on your system is open and making outbound connections? You may want to confirm that with e.g. tcpdump. Many of the logged packets have TCP source port 443, indicating they likely ...
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How can there be incoming connections when using a VPN?

TCP is a stateful protocol. Any segments with the ACK flag must match a prior segement sent by the host. Any communication in TCP is initiated through a handshake first. Netfilter conntrack state new ...
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What data can a VPN provider get when analyzing HTTPS traffic without hacking?

The above posts all miss a piece of data that the VPN provider can get - the name of the website you are visiting (not just the IP address). This is because almost all websites use SNI to share ...
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Reasons for blocking a website via VPN but not via Proxy

The reasoning is really simple, and I highly doubt this is a “mistake.” Disconnecting from a VPN is certainly not a loophole or vulnerability. How this works: They probably regulate (decrypt internet ...
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Is a Three-Layer Post-Quantum Safe VPN Hidden Within Regular IPsec Effective Against Eavesdroppers?

This protocol is highly inefficient and ineffective and can possibly be redundant against the attacks listed above. Obfuscation: By wrapping post-quantum encrypted content within regular IPsec, the ...
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