That's not what "obscurity" means. When people say "Security by Obscurity", they mean that a system derives its sense of security from third parties not knowing how it works. For example, imagine the following URL: https://example.com/Items/cf3616c322e66591b98b01b9c3c5b3df/Download?api_key=11db5023a7c54b0b450781ce46c8f123 You see that an ...


The file will be downloaded to your machine's temporary files and viewed with a viewer in your browser (the Drive app). If there is a vulnerability in your browser, there is a chance that your machine will be infected. If you are using an up-to-date browser, and since the file would have an old virus, if any, you have a low chance of infection.


Broadly speaking, you're just trying to implement DRM. DRM is fundamentally impossible to make truly secure - you can't give a user the ability to run a program / open a file / etc. without giving the ability to enable somebody else to do so - and the vast majority of efforts to implement it fail to do anything useful. Usually they just provide a little ...

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