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Getting a feel for "is it malware" depends a bit on how deep you want to go. Here are a few things you can try: 1. What do you know about the website itself? (EASY) Is it a personal site (e.g. TimeCube), or a trusted mainstream site (e.g. Google)? You might be able to ask the owner/admin of a smaller site, and unless a mainstream site has been ...


Indicators of compromise may be in the memory, files, network traffic. Try looking for the logs, maybe you can activate some of them (secure, auth). Try monitoring the traffic using a sniffer in the same machine or in the network gateway, looking for differences before/after reaching for this site.


The chrome notification Managed by your organisation is not necessarily even a bad sign. There are many possibilities why Chrome displays this message. You can have a look at chrome://policy to find the causing policies. For example, a plain Chrome installation from the Fedora 32 repo has the flag AuthNegotiateDelegateWhitelist activated for Single-Sign-...


You are putting all your internet traffic into the VPN's database thus putting a lot of trust into this company. That being said, I assume you aren't running a drugs, terrorist or child porn website on the dark web? The level of security you are talking about needing is overkill. I would personally connect Tails through a bridge or just run the VPN and keep ...

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