It is a form of SSRF or CSRF (depending on how it is rendered), if it is not cached, it will need to fetch the image from the URLwhen viewed. By setting the image URL to a URL the attacker control, they can possibly obtain the victim's source IP, referer URL and more from the request received to that URL.


DDOS means Distributed Denial of Service. If no service is provided by your VPS then no service can be denied. If SSH is provided then SSH can be denied. This means a DDOS can actually work against your system too: if all the bandwidth is taken by the attack or your system is busy trying to process connection attempts to SSH then you will not be able to ...


A reverse proxy is just an efficient tool, but not a magic bullet. When it is properly configured, it can ensure that only legal urls can be reached. But if you let anything pass through it will not protect much. Security is hard because it is not only a matter of tools: any defect in the configuration of the security tools will open a breach. So the actual ...

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