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I am assuming you are talking about DIRB.In order to bruteforce while also being authenticated you need to provide the required credentials based on the authentication mechanism the website uses.If the website uses cookies to authenticate then supply the cookie using -c <cookie_string> : Set a cookie for the HTTP request And if the website use Basic ...


I found a very helpful link a while back that was able to answer questions in regards to HIPAA compliant server. Let me know if this helps.


I know fail2ban and use it to secure my server. I am going to provide you with general guidance about the tool and the security practices. fail2ban is a log analyser that continuously scans the system logs for known attempts to break in, and that will put firewall rules to prevent the offending IP to establish connections at network level. The main purpose ...


Sounds like you are trying to build a web application firewall (WAF) over Fail2Ban by creating a bunch of custom filters. The problems with this approach include: Fail2Ban works after something has already been achieved. Now the attacker only needs to wait for the ban time or simply use another IP address to collect the prize. Fail2Ban can only monitor the ...

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