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It doesn't ultimately matter whether the attacker is connected to the WPA2-PSK network or not: if an attacker can capture the 4-way handshake and knows the pre-shared key, it's possible to decrypt all traffic. Theory That said, if you just look at individual 802.11 datagrams without analysing their flow any further, they are link layer (L2) datagrams ...


What will the packets from that network look like? Lots of 802.11 frames not specific to a particular network, since if you're not joined you cannot tell them apart per packet (you could filter by base station vs list of clients). Is any information disclosed i.e Destination/Source IPs/Ports? MAC addresses of the client and base stations, possibly SSIDs ...


I think you did disconnect all devices deauth. Try targetting Wn7 devices one by one. Maybe the system tray wifi not showing that it's disconnected. You must try (connected to the internet) ping /t. It will show if the PC is connected to the internet, and if connection lost it will say request timeout

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