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Name Constraints, empty sets in permitted subtree (RFC 3280 vs RFC 5280)

I did some digging, and The CA/Brower Forum, of which Microsoft is a member, suggests another way of doing it, that doesn't sound very logical. The Baseline Requirements have the following blurb in §...
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What happens when you ignore HTTPS warning?

It actually depends on the exact problem that is reported by the browser. You did not specify how exactly your self-signed certificate looks, so I see two possibilities (or a combination of both): a) ...
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What happens when you ignore HTTPS warning?

The browser associates the domain in the URL (or IP if no domain name given) with the specific certificate observed. This means same certificate, different domain -> no trust. Same domain, ...
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What is the best practice for relying parties to selectively trust certificates in a corporate pki hierarchy?

Your option 2 is correct. You need to use the Certificate Policies extension as you suggested. X509 defines a Certificate Policy as: A named set of rules that indicates the applicability of a ...
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