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Krazy Glew
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Hacker, both hardware and software. Wannabe Agile team member.

Although I probably contributed a lot to whatever processor you are using to read this on, I am a software guy at heart. HW guys call me a SW guy, SW guys call me a HW guy.

In my copious free time I used to maintain a wiki on Computer Architecture, Will revive when job permits. (2020: have started reviving at, but it won't be ready any time soon.)

C/C++ programmer - that's what HW simulators get written in - and system software, back when I was an OS programmer. Perl, Python - that's what we analyze the results with.

Code performance tuning. (Heck, not only did I contribute to the architecture of a large part of the CPU you are using, I may have done the same for the hardware that you use to measure performance on it.)

Database: author of Perl SQL (not yet another interface to an SQL RDBMS - instead I implemented SQL to query experiment data as relations in flat files). (You may still be able to find it on CPAN, although be kind, it was my first object oriented Perl (4?) code.) Early member of the NoSQL movement, although I am not so much against SQL, as I am against heavyweight databases with inflexible schema.

Security: virtual machines, secure boot and patch; buffer overflows, code hijacking (ROP) prevention, capabilities; cryptography performance optimization.

Technology evangelist: XML, JSON.

Wannabe user interface designer/programmer.

Wannabe Agile team member: I love pair programming and test driven design, and want to do it in my day job.


Proud Canadian, hence domain US Permanent Resident, 20+ years in Portland, Oregon (and Illinois, and Silicon Valley, and Seattle area).


The content of my posts, whether on this website or anywhere else, are my personal opinion only. Although I am an employee (currently SiFive; in the past of companies such as Nvidia, Imagination, MIPS, Intellectual Ventures/QIPS, Intel, AMD, Motorola, and Gould), I reveal this only so that the reader may account for any possible bias I may have towards my employers' products. The statements I make in no way represent my employers' positions on the issue, nor am I authorized to speak on behalf of my employers, past or present.

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