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Programming is not only my profession, it’s my passion too. In my free time, I experiment many software stuffs and I share them in my GitHub


  • I am a skilled and self-motivated software developer with experience in embedded system design, development and software integration and testing.
  • Actively participated in project management activities like SOW, HLD, functional design, firmware architecture, code review, different levels of testing, requirement implantation, root-cause analysis, weekly status report, requirement trace-ability matrix etc.
  • Well aware of Design-FMEA, Fish-Bone analysis, Specification Gap Analysis etc.
  • Hands on experience in full Software product development life cycle, having good exposure in both Agile development approaches.
  • Strong C++11/14, Python and Embedded System skills; insightful experience in using scripts, design patterns and algorithms. Fluency in implementing flexible solutions for frequent changes and easy maintenance.
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