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Mark Lakata
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Programmer since 1980. I have a broad experience with computers, from CPU architecture (working at MIPS Technologies) and semiconductor physics (as a physics PhD) to 10 years as a firmware/software programmer consultant as president of Qromodyn Corporation.

  • VLSI and FPGA HDL (Verilog, VHDL) MIPS, Xilinx
  • VLSI layout and design verification
  • PCB design and layout
  • Board debug and bring-up
  • Microcontrollers (Si Labs, TI, ST Cortex M3)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Embedded Microprocessor (ARM, MIPS)
  • Custom Bootloading (microcontroller, Xilinx Zynq)
  • Custom OTAP (Over The Air Programming)
  • Windows applications (C, C++, C++/CLI, C#, .NET, ASP, Perl, Python)
  • Apple OSX (Objective-C, XCode)
  • Unix - Solaris, Cygwin, Linux (Fedora/Ubunto/CentOS)
  • Digital audio/voice - codecs
  • Digital video - custom video display
  • RF - XBee, WirelessUSB, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • HPC (Intel Phi, SSE, AVX)
  • Embedded Linux (BeagleBone, Raspberry PI)


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