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As a responsible person, skilled, ambitious, and professional developer, I would like to use all my knowledge, experiences, and strong technical background to help you bring your ideas to iOS Platforms. I know what it is and know how to work hard, learn quickly and be a part of a team if needed.

I have 5+ experience in the following languages, platforms, and frameworks:

Languages: • Swift - Expert • Objective-C - Expert • SwiftUI - Intermediate

Platforms: • iOS • iPadOS • WatchOS • TvOS

Architectures: • VIPER • MVVM • MVC

Frameworks: • UIKit • CoreData • CoreBluetooth • CoreMotion • CoreLocation • AutoLayout • SpriteKit • Notifications • Firebase • SocketIO

Programs: • Xcode • Git • SVN • Jira • Trello

Last but not the least, when I work with any client, I make sure that I do whatever it takes to make him/her satisfied with my work.

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