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Computers are a natural part of my life. Having used them for 40 years, I'm a bit of a *Jack of all trades*. I've used them for work and play, and have tinkered with almost every OS in that time, culminating with being a Certified Apple Engineer (CAE #1688) since 2000.

In my 40s, I finally took the plunge to give real programming a go. And now that I'm in my early 50s I have a number of apps available for both iOS and Android devices. I also spend a fair bit of my time designing advanced dashboards for data visualisation, and designing automated processes for business workflows, some of which have been adopted by large organisations.

I've also started experimenting with 3D printing and artificial intelligence, and love finding ways to use technology to make people's lives easier.

In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with old Apple hardware (some of it from last century)!
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