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Hello! I am Kevin Burns, the Ultra-marathon running vegan warrior who has a very dedicated(and healthy) obsession with technology. I started working on computers at a very young age; I was around 6 when I started going to "Computer Trade Shows" with my father and uncle. We would sell printers and accessories. I mainly wandered around and spent my time talking to some of the Unix groups and other vendors, purchasing and selling hardware and software that I wrote. I spent all of my money on computer books and hardware. My taste in books grew to include anything about operating systems, cybersecurity, and programming. Over time I taught myself C and AT&T Assembly, moving into the Intel syntax with NASM and eventually C++. As the years went on, I moved from project to project while going to school at night. I worked as 31U/74B in the US Army (Network Admin), created HIPPA Compliant software for an ambulance (EMS) squad in PA while serving as an EMT, developed software for hearing aids and software for people to adjust them. Now, I am the Director of IT for a large company that handles some of the most prominent leaders in the financial world. I am still most definitely hands-on and operating as the Senior Software Engineer and Network Architect. I like to spend my free time teaching my two sons everything I can about technology and training for Ultra-marathons and Spartan races.

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