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Richard B

I've been a professional musician for most of my adult life, but left the music retail scene about 16 years ago (I still perform, though!). Although I have done some type of development, part time for over 22 yrs, I have been officially a full time developer for about 14 years.

My responsibilities require skills in C#, Javascript, and a little VB every now and then (yuk!). I have worked with classic ASP and ASP.NET (Webforms and MVC), Windows Forms and Web Services (REST and SOAP) and previously, quite a bit of SQL server programming.

We have a small shop, so I work the full stack. However, my best work seems to be in web apps (server and client). I prefer ASP.NET MVC as the serverside technology and on the client side I use Knockout, jQuery, etc. and looking forward to start working with Typescript and Angular. We now have several apps hosted in Windows Azure, so I've become quite familiar with working in that environment. Although web apps are the mainstay, I've started mobile cross-platform dev with Xamarin.

  • Florence, MS
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