I have extensive experience designing and building scalable distributed web services. I’m currently a Staff Software Engineer with Ad Hoc LLC and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For the past three years I’ve helped turn the VA’s web offerings from a fractured experience into a one-stop shop. Allowing veterans to efficiently receive the benefits they’ve earned.

I was one of the founding developers on vets.gov. A United States Digital Service project functioning as a start-up within the VA. Veteran outcomes improved dramatically via vets.gov. So much so that within two years of launch the VA secretary decided it should become the new va.gov.

How we built the site received as much praise as the end-product. Agile methodologies, automated tests, CI/CD, cloud services (AWS), active monitoring, and user centered design were all foreign to the VA before vets.gov.

Those practices are being propagated throughout the VA via my current project. The Veteran Service Platform, or VSP. VSP helps development teams succeed, by building on top of our APIs, and running our digital services playbook.

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