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An experienced, hands-on software architect, involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of microservices architectures, service-oriented architectures, micro front-end architectures, and other distributed systems in a variety of technologies. Being in the software industry for around 15 years have built significant competencies in application, integration, and enterprise architecture, mostly within the Finance, Healthcare, and Construction industry.

I always played Full stack End to End roles to date, I am very fluent in Java with spring boot, .NET Core, React, and Angular.

Being a fan of cloud-native architecture, I have extensive experience in containerization, and orchestration using Kubernetes, utilizing cloud-managed services from vendors like AWS and Azure.

I've also authored numerous technical articles on my personal website ARAVINDHU.COM, devoted to helping developers.

Being a firm believer in clean code principles, I have Built and contributed to open-source tools to help developers to shift left in the quality of code, before sharing their contribution.

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