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Previously employed by a company that produces security/privacy focused applications, mainly an ERP package. I mainly focused on server development and client core development. My work included a significant amount of cryptography, (network) protocols, combination of the two (cryptographically secured binary networking protocol), and a hefty chunk of serialization (and matching deserialization). Actively participated in the design and implementation phase of all of these, with exception to the cryptography aspect (of which I only did the implementation).

Next to that I am a privacy advocate, mostly due to experiences in the past and a fair share of paranoia resulting from the aforementioned.

I passed selection for my country's airborne infantry but due to difficulties that arose in my personal situation I was forced to quit after half a year. To this day I remain proud of having been given the opportunity. Best 6 months of my life.

Also, I hate Java. It truly is the most overly glorified stack of absolute bullshit, ever. It belongs in your fridge, not on your phone, not on your PC. And even then, a fridge would be better off with a firmware written in C than one written in Java.

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