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Paul T. Rykiel
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Hi, I am 20+ year IT guy, I am in my 2.0 phase, having learned how to code years ago in Cobol and RPG and Pascal. I stayed working in software and ERP systems development, and later consulting and Project management. I earned a Master's Degree in Project Management and hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information systems. I am also PMP and CSM certified.

In my 2.0 Phase, I am Java, .NET and c, c++, c#, JavaScript, Objective c, and Xcode guy, I work as a .NET web developer and I am in school continuing my education in pursuit of a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

So, I may ask questions that are work related, and questions that are school related and I hope that I am in the position to pay it forward to someone else in need!! I like helping people and I believe in Karma!!

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