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Suspicious GitHub fork
77 votes

This trend caught international attention around a week ago. The goal is to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on the build server. For some reports, see here, here or here. Or see Google. This ...

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Should I log users in if they enter valid login info in registration form?
4 votes

From a UX perspective, logging users in automatically might be as confusing as it is annoying to have to re-enter their credentials. From a security standpoint, obviously you're revealing that the ...

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How am I ever going to be able to "vet" 120,000+ lines of Composer PHP code not written by me?
0 votes

Composer can work with a composer.lock file and, by default, downloads packages via (note the HTTPS.) So you have a huge package repository and a secure download with ...

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Logged out of Facebook on all devices on a sudden. Should I be worried about being hacked?
-1 votes

Are there any chances that someone was successfully able to get into my account? If yes, then how could they bypass the two-factor authentication? Yes. They exploited a bug in Facebook's code. ...

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