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168 votes

Is it safe to include an API key in a request's URL?

63 votes

How to publish scanned documents anonymously?

49 votes

Why do security experts like Snowden use email services like Lavabit and Hushmail rather than self-hosted email?

45 votes

Why do mobile devices force user to type password after reboot?

38 votes

How does someone become a man in the middle?

34 votes

Is there such a thing as a "Black Box" that decrypts Internet traffic?

32 votes

Could videos be authenticated using private and public keys?

17 votes

How to prove a picture was taken before a certain date?

13 votes

Could keystroke timing improve security on a password?

12 votes

How can trusting ONE certificate jeopardize everything I do online?

9 votes

How do very big companies manage their most important passwords / keys?

9 votes

Does the telecom provider need physical access to the SIM card to clone it?

8 votes

How will biometrics be a safe way to authenticate users across the internet?

6 votes

How can you trust that there is no backdoor in your hardware?

5 votes

Is it possible to detect security breaches as a user before they're announced?

4 votes

Is it possible to ensure client data is correct?

3 votes

How to secure a mobile app against its user?

1 vote

Can malware bridge external storage HW power-off switches?

1 vote

Transforming keystroke dynamics raw data

1 vote

Proving creation time/date of a screenshot