For my current employer:

I have:

  • recently started a conversion project, using Java 1.8+
  • gained Automation Anywhere V10 + V11 Advanced RPA Certification .Plus V11 Masters Certification. Soon to be doing AA2019 training.
  • written some C# DLLs and Test harnesses for metabots revolving around enhanced Excel manipulation and JSON parsing.
  • written a VBS script to extracting multiple regex groups out of a string in one shot that Automation Anywhere V11 can utilise.
  • written a Java Xpath processor for, for the Pharmacovigilance sector, that extended the capabilities of Automation Anywhere.
  • used Python 3 & SqlAlchemy data conversion between two job scheduling systems for a Canadian Bank. (AutoSys and Cisco Tidal).
  • developed an Ionic 3 mobile App for AutoSys Job scheduling - with some custom Java web services server-side.

Prior to this:

  • I gained knowledge of Java, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Adobe Flex and .NET.
  • Many moons ago I developed bespoke enterprise solutions on the AS/400 in Synon.
  • And further back still IBM S/36 with COBOL and RPG.

I would also be interested in getting into: Rust, Go, R, React-Native.. and doing more with Docker.

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