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Carmine Tambascia
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I been done some coding since high school with "TurboPascal" simply to solve some geometrical problems. That time was only school stuff.

I ended up to hold a bachelor degree in medical engineering.

Apart from a wide range of engineering discipline( Analogical Electronics, Discrete Electronic, Telecommunications, Mechanic, Biomechanic, Algebra, Mathematical Analysis and many more, typical in a Bachelor in Italian faculty System much theory), mostly it was Information Technology topic related. My thesis was a validation of a cellular model build with Matlab and Simulink. The model was build based on a Hidden Markovian System. Basically was what today you would call @Machine learning model validation.

At University time I was introduced to programming OO paradigm with Java. I just hated it, as I did not had enough time to deep into it and in Software development Principles. Now I start to reconsider that specifically for Big data and Android development, but for the moment doing simply writing code.

Meantime I leaned SQL, Python and now in love with Javascript, fascinated by asynchronous programming(I studied model system and those were abstraction of synchronous and asynchronous Systems ), so seems some of my engineering studies did help here.

My git repositories :

This represent only my works outside job, and is limited since 1 years.

A visual view of it

My Portfolio:

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