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Is it a mistake to use a password that has previously been used (by anyone ever)?
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The math may be right. One could refine and complicate it as much as desired, but it doesn't really add to the point. So I'll leave it be. Also, in practice it is easier—and might be faster&...

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Browser setups to stay safe from malware and unwanted stuff
3 votes

As you correctly point out, there is no 100% guarantee that you cannot be infected by malware through a browser. I think it would be best to adhere to a multilayered strategy here. How deep you go of ...

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Using mitmproxy to analyze mobile application and iOS network data
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The apps don't directly detect a local proxy configuration. In fact, if the proxy would only be a proxy by directly forwarding the traffic, it would probably work. The mitm proxy also breaks up any ...

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