Sergey Pedan

I am a full stack developer and web designer. Born in Moscow, currently living between Russia and Asia.


I came to the Ruby on Rails world from web design in 2015, I practice of building websites when I'm both back-end and front-end and sometimes designer as well.

Working as web designer, I constantly suffered from monkey work and under-automation of design instruments. When I learnt to code, I just fell in love with it and now I consider myself more developer than designer.


For long time my major focus was graphics part of web-design, and I have eventually included HTML, Sass and Ruby on Rails as back-end into my workflow. Now I prefer to get straight to the HTML, skipping the PSD mock-ups part at all.

Besides making things just look good, a big part of my work on websites is structuring the content to make the message very clearly and logically presented.


My personal drive is to make things clearer, more transparent, frictionless, automated and effective. Today, with arrival of computing power, there has emerged a great potential of liberating people from monkey work that could be automated. I believe it will give us more time and help set our personal energy free so that we could put it to higher purpose and find more time to be kinder to each other and our environment.

I admire the universe and through my technical approach try to study its internal organization and laws of functioning. I also feel attraction towards the domain of spiritual growth.

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