Ali Torki

I'm a front-end engineer with a strong background in Javascript and a love for design and user experience. I consider myself an energetic self-starter with a deep respect for engaging resources and getting deep buy-in on the projects I work on and my motivation and passion for programming is by the pride that every line of code that I write is for the sole benefit of the person who uses that product and makes their life better!!! I hope that through the work that I do, that it not only enriches the lives of others but allows me to build on my own experiences.

I’m experienced a lot with front-end frameworks such as React JS, Redux, and Vue, Vuex. I am also very comfortable with NodeJS, Rethinkdb, Mongo, Postgresql, Redis, Docker, Express JS, Nest JS, and ORM and Docker

I am passionate about reading, writing, politics, social justice, and all things tech and I always love JavaScripting and love to learn more and more. I am most excited to have a career that places a premium on lifelong education.