Why I'm Here

Hey! I'm Nathanna but you can call me Naynay for short! I love to learn more about the communities behind projects and/or topics and I always am open to expanding my knowledge on subjects through Stack and associated websites. You can find me personally residing on Stack, Quora, Reddit and many others in my natural habitat.

Learn About Me

Nathanna James, better known as Nathanna, is an industry leading model, actor/actress, singer, rapper, lyricist, reality TV star and American media personality known for their roles in many TV shows, including "The Nathanna Catch Up" and "Unfashionable". Nathanna was born on September 22nd in London, Kentucky and grew up in Los Angeles, California/Hollywood, California and, still to this day, Brooklyn, New York. Nathanna is a proud indigenous Native American, mixed with European, Irish, Icelandic, and African American.

My Industries

I'm in alot of internet and physical industries, wether it's as an employee or a C.E.O, including but not limited to cyber security, web design, server configuration, retail and many others not to mention myself in high profile fashion, modeling, tv, etc.

Web Design

I've been in the industry of web design for well over 5+ years and specialize in html, php, javascript, linux, mysql, java, css, c++, luna, lua, homebrew, npm, node, nodejs, jquery and apache.

Style & Creative

Cyber Security

Information Technology

Financial Infrastructure

Film & Movies

- Characterizing

- Producing

- Acting

Analytics & Data Research

Phycology & Physcosocial

**Law, Legal & Moral **

Get In Contact

You can reach me with a lot of different methods, but I urge email or text for the fastest response time.

Find My Projects

Hire Me

** For Professional Gigs/Jobs ** Contact me at hire-1@nathannaofficial.com or on my LinkedIn.

** For Freelance & One-time ** Contact me at hire-2@nathannaofficial.com or on my LinkedIn.

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