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85 votes

Does open source "protestware" represent a security risk?

81 votes

Why does this attack check the location of the server?

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How could a security control introduce a privacy issue?

57 votes

A client did an unannounced penetration test on our platform

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What is the purpose of hiding spam links in some obscure forum posts?

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How to deal with monitoring software on a personal PC used for work?

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Is there any security benefit from emailing a "secure link"?

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Why is the absence of a Content-Type header with a HTTP 204 response considered a security vulnerability and what should we do about it?

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Increasing trust in a downloaded binary

40 votes

What is the best way to calculate true password entropy for human created passwords?

40 votes

Is it a good practice to add hard-coded salt to BCrypt passwords?

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Is it insecure to display the number of characters when users enter a new passphrase?

35 votes

Can fingerprint readers be trusted?

34 votes

Why create a CSR on my own server to have it signed by a 3rd party?

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In the RoE for a pentest, do you include a list of all tools?

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What's wrong with the use of a WAF (Web Application Firewall)?

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Are Cyrillic characters a real threat?

28 votes

Choosing laptop brand for company

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Why use random characters in passwords?

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What security risks do you see with wrong OTPs appearing in application logs?

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What are the risks of desktop personalization on Windows?

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Is a BitLocker recovery key an unavoidable brute-force attack vulnerability?

21 votes

Showing prefix of token in error message?

21 votes

Does Event Viewer have any sensitive information like password, or such info?

20 votes

Is this idea for secure password storage a good one?

19 votes

Hash as filename to protect data

19 votes

Escalating user privileges on Linux

17 votes

Is it possible to identify a phone model by screenshot stripped of metadata?

16 votes

Should order numbers be guessable?

15 votes

Why are iframes allowed by default?

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