As of October 2019, I have suspended activity. I will not edit a single answer or leave a single comment until Stack Exchange Inc. begins treating its unpaid volunteers with respect.

The unjust, unexplained firing of Monica Cellio, a well-respected moderator, and the subsequent guilty silence, lies, non-apology apologies, and politically motivated retaliation against critics have disgusted me. Their latest effort, the new Code of Conduct, is an instrument of oppression in the name of inclusion.

Unfortunately, this is only the latest saga in a long line of company actions hostile to its users, from rampant corporatization ("we less than 3 people who code") to censorship ("moderators now fully control [featured]") to neglect of Meta concerns ("panic attacks and nightmares"). Stack Exchange's new management is a disgrace to the Q&A community of professional and enthusiast programmers that Jeff Atwood tried to create. It's time to take a stand.

I am a strong believer in public domain and the abolition of copyright. All text that I write is licensed under CC0. All code that I create is licensed under the Unlicense. These licenses grant you total freedom from copyright, and you will never be obligated to do anything for using content I created.

Email: reederermaker@gmail.com

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