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223 votes

While working from home, is it a bad idea to give the company you work for your IP address?

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Does it improve security to use obscure port numbers?

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If a provider sees the last 4 characters of my password, can they see it in full?

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Why are my plastic credit card and activation code sent separately?

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Why should we care about Adobe Flash?

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Why is TCP more secure than UDP?

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How to explain to traditional people why they should upgrade their old Windows XP device?

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Why is Gbt3fC79ZmMEFUFJ a weak password?

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Why don't OSes protect against untrusted USB keyboards?

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How to proceed with a white-hat hacker claiming a vulnerability?

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Why do we still use keys to start cars? why not passwords?

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Is it bad to have cameras using a static IP address?

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Should I disable TLS 1.0 on my servers?

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Advantages to killing sessions after 5 minutes?

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Is using 'echo' to display attacker-controlled data on the terminal dangerous?

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How to securely counter users from adding a single digit to their old password upon creating a new one?

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If I protected myself from POODLE am I also protected against DROWN

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Why is a public key called a key - isn't it a lock?

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Is it possible for corporation to intercept and decrypt SSL/TLS traffic?

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Why is external access to a server via SSH considered insecure?

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How can caller ID be faked?

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Is there any meaning in only allowing port 80 and 443 today?

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Why is root security enforced but $HOME typically unprotected?

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Has a benefit been demonstrated for credit card machines asking for ZIP code?

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Are zip codes considered to be personal identifying information?

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Are case-insensitive passwords a bad idea?

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How critical is it to keep your password length secret?

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Is the undesirable conversion of a scientific number a vulnerability?

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Does anybody not store salts?

16 votes

Using encryption inside of SSL connection

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