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What is the purpose of confirming old password to create a new password?

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Why did I have to wave my hand in front of my ID card?

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Is it safe to pay bills over satellite internet?

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Disadvantages of replacing TCP/IP with blockchain

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How can I argue against: "System is unhackable so why patch vulnerabilities?"

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Does an ISO27001 audit require users to reveal their passwords?

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How should I securely type a password in front of a lot of people?

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Is password entry being recorded on camera a realistic concern?

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Is it possible to detect 100% of SQLi with a simple regex?

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Is there any actual security benefit to restricting foreign IP addresses?

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Roles to play when tailgaiting into a residential building

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Should I let my child's school have access to my kid's personal laptop?

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Is there a legitimate reason I should be required to use my company's computer? (BYOD prohibited)

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Got an email saying my password is weak, reason for concern?

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Mac OS X terminal prompt displaying foreign hostname (or: What is Stacey's iPhone doing in my Terminal?)

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Is browser history an important factor when considering security?

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Is it bad practice to prefix my hash with the algorithm used?

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Advised to block all traffic to/from specific IP addresses

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Website returning plaintext password

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Is it really safe to use Signal or Telegram on untrusted phone hardware?

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Why do "remote desktop" software (allegedly) commonly have a "blackout" feature?

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Is this email asking me to sent them $100 for details on a security flaw in my website a scam?

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I got an email threatening to DDOS me if I don't pay a ransom. What should I do?

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Employer makes me use what I believe to be an insecure website for HR functions. What to do?

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Could keystroke timing improve security on a password?

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When is phishing education going too far?

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How do I inform a company I found a leaked database of theirs on the Internet?

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Confused about using a password that "would take centuries to break"

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What attacks are made possible by public release of my web history?

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How to detect when files from my USB were copied to another PC?

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