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Should I store my intellectual property / code online?
Accepted answer
10 votes

You're not being paranoid at all. First and foremost you must consider requiring a VPN (and maybe 2 factor authentication) to access your company data/intranet. Passwords should be stored in ...

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Understanding VPNs : How VPNs can be used for anonymization?
4 votes

I think it would be very helpful to you if you started out with a book on Networking instead of VPNs. How would the routers in between me & VPN Proxy know how to process that packet. Its not ...

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Should I mount my mac Truecrypt Volume elsewhere?
2 votes

If I understand your question correctly.... You shouldn't mount an encrypted volume, something you presumably value a great deal, into a folder where a third party application uploads the your ...

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Efficient and simple way of securing home pc with hardware token
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All 3 things you mention will require different methods to secure. So really, you're asking 3 different questions. You should look at getting a Yubikey for the PC and Lastpass. I don't know about ...

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