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58 votes

Why can't I MitM a Diffie-Hellman key exchange?

14 votes

Why is referer checking needed for Django to prevent CSRF

6 votes

Strategy for updating stored passwords to more secure hash?

5 votes

Is this a secure hash "Function" for integrity?

4 votes

How can two parties compare whether a simple (5 letter) shared word matches, without disclosing their word to each other?

3 votes

Man in the Middle Attack against NTP

3 votes

In Asymmetric cryptography, is the number of Private Keys limited?

3 votes

What problem does PKI fix; how would someone "lie about their identity"?

3 votes

Wi-Fi asks to accept (self-signed) certificate – What is it used for?

2 votes

Can a properly implemented TLS connection be intercepted?

1 vote

Spoofing random browser information to defend against fingerprinting

0 votes

Does anti-CSRF token really protect from CSRF?