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How to convert my cert chain to PFX without a password
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I was able to run this command using openssl and get a PFX cert file without a password as required by FrontDoor: openssl pkcs12 -export -keypbe NONE -certpbe NONE -in cert.crt -inkey cert.key -out ...

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What are the security risks of USB fingerprint scanners in Windows 10?
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Good to hear to are considering biometrics and want to learn more about them. Using a fingerprint scanner is generally considered (in a windows hello context) to be a convenience not an increase in ...

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Which cryptographic algorithm should be used on client side to encrypt file before uploading to a cloud which is only for storing purpose?
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What you need to do is encrypt the file(s) before uploading it to the cloud provider, and decrypt them on download. Assumptions You do not want to cloud provider to by able to read (decrypt) these ...

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