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An enthusiast lover of the life,.... passionate for networking and technology.

Carrier and service provider routing technologies (L3).

  • External routing technologies: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), iBGP, eBGP.
  • Interior routing technologies: RIP, OSPF.
  • Troubleshooting capabilities: Software, hardware and IPv4 routing technologies, Wide area (WAN) services, connectivity losses.
  • Switching technologies (L2): VLANs, STP, Etherchannel, Trunking protocols (802.1Q), security by ports.
  • Electrical wiring standards: UTP cat5, UTP cat6.
  • Fiber optic technologies: Singlemode fiber, multimode fiber.
  • Equipment installation: Routers, Switches.
  • IPv4 Services: Subnetwork and network design, route summarization, basic and extended access lists, NAT.
  • Acceptance and implementation of new technologies.
  • Work with CISCO and HUAWEI equipment.
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