If I hacked a router's admin panel outside my network, is it possible to direct all devices in that network to any website I want by DNS settings? If it is possible, how?

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    Although your context is hacking, this is more of a DNS basics question than a security question. Do you know how DNS works? – schroeder Feb 14 '19 at 9:40
  • i haven't much experience about networks but i want to know if it is possible to do somthing like that? – Giroud Feb 14 '19 at 9:47


  • the devices have not cached the IP of the domain locally
  • the devices are configured to use the router for DNS
  • the devices can access the website you want them to go to
  • the original site (Facebook, Google, a bank, etc.) does not use TLS settings that prevent this sort of tampering
  • the router allows you to edit the DNS table to enter your own settings
  • the router does not override your new entries from authoritative entries from another DNS server

Then maybe.

As for how, you just create DNS entries.

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