I am performing malware analysis on VirtualBox. I want the VMs to only communicate with each other. Using host-only adapters, I have installed a Windows 7 VM ( with the default gateway ( and a REMnux VM (

My host machine is running on IP But I am able to ping both the VMs. How can I prove that the virtual machine is isolated and does not have access to my host machine? Are there any steps that I can show to demonstrate isolation?

Or should I use internal network? But for some reason, when I use internal network my REMnux machine is not getting any ip address.

  • This is more of a networking question. But I'm fairly certain you will need to use static IP addresses on the internal networks. Feb 24, 2019 at 17:09

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If you put host-only, your VMs can access, well, only the host. Your host machine is not isolated, but the opposite: it's the only machine they can access.

To isolate the VMs, you must use Internal Network. Using this network means:

  • The host can't access the guests
  • Guests can't access the host
  • Guests can't access the internet
  • Guests can access each other

If you use Host Only, the guests access the host. If you use NAT or bridge, they can access your entire network.

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